It goes without saying that I love The Wind in the Willows. But, well. I'll say it again. 

I love The Wind in the Willows.

When I first started collecting different editions of the book in 2010, I discovered that there wasn't one place online that had a compiled list of the different publications of the book. After spending countless hours (or maybe 15 minutes) poring over Google searching for something to help me in my Wind in the Willows quest, I decided that there was a gaping hole that I could start to fill. 
Hence this blog.

What you can expect:
  • Lots and lots of pictures
  • An updated list as I continue to collect
  • Thoughts on the movie versions
  • Quotes
  • Probably some nonsense and whimsy
  • Maybe even a drawing or two!
Have tips? Questions? Have a different edition of the book that I haven't yet found? Email me! uptailsall@gmail.com


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